OZONE / Solo Show Alexandre Bavard / 12th of May 6p.m

 In an age dominated by the flux and cult of perfection— some would call it modernity— it is the purpose of art to create a conversation through avenues of inquiry. Alexandre Bavard positions himself as an artist of this frontier. Significantly influenced by the aesthetics of science fiction while also remaining rooted in contemporary reality, it is this glitch in the system if you will, that is the predominant element in his painting practice. The imperfection of a machine that was constructed to not have any imperfections. A representation of the flaw, that when it comes about is never mended because it is constantly changing. Is this reality only a perception of the mind? Are these “virtual” worlds mechanisms of our own questionings and is it possible to reduce (or minimize) this relationship? Alexandre Bavard resides in this space, on the edge of a black hole, where the feet can easily waver. He encourages losing oneself, to break the torments associated with wandering. In his proposed cosmogony, gaze elsewhere, at the infinite, the dizziness of the Milky Way that is just too much to contemplate. Alexander is a point of anchorage, a reassurance, but also a promise of eternity.